Anyone for a Flamed Orange Iced Coffee?

Apr 6, 2021 | How to

If you’re looking to give an extra dimension to your coffee menu this spring, then it’s worth considering the Shott range of syrups.  Shott is a New Zealand company that specialises in flavoured syrups with no added sugar or sweeteners and is of ‘super premium’ quality.  The flavours are really vibrant and come with huge choice like salted caramel, flamed orange, lemon and ginger to name but a few.

There are hundreds of recipe ideas to choose from and each come with simple instruction in terms of the recommended serving suggestion or you can simply come up with a few of your own signature ideas.  The Shott website has lots of inspiration to get you going and we can also send you some recipe booklets by email, just let us know.

The Shott website recipe section can be accessed on the following link: