When you buy Woodland Coffee – WE will plant trees – it’s that simple!
And we are going to plant 27,000 trees in Limerick in the next year!!
WE means WE.
WE own the land, WE commission the development and WE look after the trees.

Our woodlands are based on the N24 between the villages of Pallas Green and Oola near the Limerick / Tipperary border. Located in the Golden Vale, the land is mineral rich and has been used for farming livestock prior to it being purchased.

The total site is approximately 30 acres and we expect to plant 27,000 trees as a mixed plantation which will be made up of conifer and broadleaves.

The day to day management of the plantation is carried out by a professional forestry company in accordance with the strict rules and conditions set out by the Forestry Service of Ireland.