Introducing the New Gaggia La Dea 1 group coffee machine

Dec 13, 2022 | Coffee Machines


New from Gaggia Milano is the La Dea 1 group traditional barista coffee machine. This is a smart looking coffee machine  aimed at premium locations that want to make their coffee a star of the show.  La Dea, meaning ‘Goddess’; combines tradition, innovation with a refined retro style.  Ideal for locations such as concept stores, cocktail bars, offices and small restaurants and if you’re lucky enough, your house!

The functionality of La Dea includes a 1.5-liter boiler, a 120-cc heat exchanger and a 2 litre internal water tank.  These ensure lots of steam capacity as well as boiling water for Americano and tea.

Other features include a touch screen colour LCD display that allows the machine parameters to be displayed and adjusted.  These include setting and checking the boiler performance as well as timing the length of coffee extraction. Another convenient feature of La Dea is a programmable on / off switch.  No more waiting for coffee in the morning!

Design and functionality are the two cornerstones of La Dea. This is revealed both in the meticulous and uncompromising choice of its materials – mainly stainless steel – and in its avant-garde technological solutions, which guarantee the optimum performance of La Dea and the unrivalled quality of the coffee it produces.

Aficionados will recognise the subtle nuances that are reminiscent of Gaggia’s iconic 1950’s models, such as the old fashioned knobs that activate the steam wand and the hot water spout; the stainless-steel group head and  a classic  manual levetta for measuring the espresso pour. Elegant, robust and functional, La Dea impresses at first sight.

The  insiders view

So that’s the sales pitch. I have used the La Dea every morning for the past 6 weeks to make my cup of joe (Americano made from Woodland Crone for me) and….. I like the machine.  The coffee is brewed softly, no burning or over extraction which to me is the most important thing.  The shot timer is dead handy and the digital reading of the boiler is also very useful to know when the machine is ready. There is also ample power from the steam wand for silky latte art milk and the commercial boiler system allow simultaneous steaming and espresso brewing.  The group head is positioned a little low down so if you want to use a mug you’ll need to brew into shot glasses or a normal coffee cup.

If you’re into coffee or just want a mega stylish piece of kitchen furniture, it is definitely worth a closer look.

Find out more about the Gaggia La Dea at our showroom in Citywest, Dublin or call us on 01 4666000