Limerick’s Lake District Embraces Woodland Coffee to Address Threat of Climate Change

Oct 30, 2020 | One small change

Lough Gur, a leafy lakeside location, is often remembered by Limerick people as somewhere they once went as children for ice-cream and a stroll. In recent times, Limerick people have rediscovered what is on their very own doorstep and understand that Lough Gur offers so much more to those who visit there. People are perplexed when they land in Lough Gur and ask, why they did not visit for so many years. Its rolling lakeside park areas, wooded walkways and spectacular viewing points offer Limerick citizens a location to enjoy just 20kms from Limerick City. As we all become more familiar with the great outdoors, Lough Gur’s green colours have shone through this year as people flock to what has become known as Limerick’s Lake District. Lough Gur is indeed famous for being home to Ireland’s largest and oldest stone circle with over 1,000 monuments in a 5km radius. However, during these times, Lough Gur has become a haven for Limerick people wanting to reconnect with green spaces and outdoor places.

With over 20 acres of amenity areas to enjoy, Lough Gur has tracks and trails for young and old to enjoy. From Fairy Trails to Tricky Tree Trails and visits to the hillside heritage centre and playground; there is more on offer here than ever before. Up until August 2020 Lough Gur offered coffee that would not win any awards. With the addition of a new environmental information point café Kiosk by the lake, it was time to improve what was on offer. Through word of mouth and strong recommendations, Lough Gur reached out and met Watermark. Lough Gur is pleased to say this trusted source was right. During September 2020 Lough Gur became Woodland Coffee’s first customer in the world. A status that Lough Gur is proud to hold. Since upgrading coffee machines and moving to Woodland Coffee, customer reports on what is offered has transformed. Kate Harrold, Manager of Lough Gur Heritage Centre & Lakeshore Park commented, “Woodland Coffee was a good fit for our organisation. Lough Gur is an environmentally sensitive location. Caring for the environment is at the forefront to everything that we do. If the environment in Lough Gur is not cared for, then what the visitor experiences is diminished. We are all acutely aware that everyone and every business can make a difference. The very fact that a tree is planted for every box of coffee that we buy is a real bonus. Woodland Coffee is a business that we are proud to be associated with. Their ethos and values align very closely with our own. Of course, along with an exceptional approach to sustainability, the coffee is also exceptional! A claim that is backed up by our customers”.

Both Lough Gur Heritage Centre & Solstice Park Playground and newly opened Lough Gur Kiosk open all year round. Take a short spin from Limerick and try the full flavours of Woodland Coffee in a Woodland location.

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