New Tibradden Woodland Coffee Blend is arriving!      

Mar 8, 2022 | Coffee Blends

We are delighted to announce the imminent arrival of our latest coffee blend named after Tibradden Wood in South County Dublin close to Rathfarnham.

The Tibradden blend is a single origin coffee sourced from the Kirnyaga region of Kenya on the slopes of Mt Kenya.  The coffee is a high grade ’85’ Arabica coffee bean.  This coffee has been sourced ‘direct from farm’ which is located 1,600–1,700 meters above sea level.  Here the temperature is cooler allowing for a slower growth of the coffee cherries, and with less interference from pests such as coffee leaf rust and coffee berry bore makes for better quality coffee with less inherent defects.

The acidic soil in the highlands of central Kenya with just the right amount of sunlight and rainfall provide excellent conditions for growing coffee plants. Coffee from Kenya is of the ‘Colombia mild’ type, and is well known for its pleasant aroma with notes of cocoa. High grade coffee from Kenya is one of the most sought-after coffees in the world.

Sourcing the coffee ‘Direct from Farm’ bypasses the large coffee exchanges to ensure that a better price is paid to the farmer as the coffee is less commoditised.

The roast profile of the Tibradden blend is light and the tasting notes feature a good body with winey, milk chocolate and floral notes and a slight citric acidity.

We are very excited about this new blend that gives a different dimension to our range in the form of a single origin light roast coffee.  If you would like to try, let us know by dropping us a line at