Recyclability of Coffee Bags

Feb 18, 2021 | Sustainability

When we were sourcing our Woodland Coffee packaging it amazed me to see how little plastic packaging is actually recyclable and how challenging it can be to ensure that it actually can be recycled.  For us, recyclability is not just that it can be notionally recycled but that it can be easily recycled by end users via their green bin collections.

The more ‘eco’ you go with plastic, the more it costs. The dilemma for most organisations is often down to practicality and price. Finding a solution that suits the environment doesn’t always suit business in the short term. However, if we move forward collectively, these solutions will become more viable and demanded by consumers.  We’ve chosen a LDPE plastic which is a number 4 plastic which is accepted by most kerbside waste collection companies as part of their recycling collection.

A lot of plastic producers are already using LDPE plastics because of the fact that it disintegrates much quicker than typical plastics used for packaging. LDPE plastics can be recycled into numerous new types of products such as construction piping and sheeting; this is the key factor as to why we have chosen it for our packaging.

Every positive environmental decision that we make helps make a difference and before long it adds up to a significant impact; in our case this is packaging that is being diverted from landfill and reused for further productive use.

Simple and effective; would you like to make that difference with us?