Pallasgreen Woodland Update

Apr 12, 2024 | News

The wet weather over the past year or so has played havoc with so many hospitality businesses and farmers across Ireland but it has really suited our woods in Pallasgreen, Co Limerick.  The ‘soft’ underfoot conditions (marshy!!) have created an ideal growing environment for our trees.  What were small knee height ‘whips’ planted in November 2021 have now shot up to almost 15ft in the case of the Alder.  Alder particularly like wet soil conditions making them an ideal native Irish species for rewilding as they produce nuts and seeds in the Autumn, they also play a valuable role in preventing soil erosion and reducing the instance of flooding.

The 30 acre area has been fairly untouched since 2021 and it is very evident that nature is taking back what was once theirs, Fox and badger trails can be followed all the along the hedgerows, bull rush beds are springing up which give great cover for ground nesting birds, the stream and drains are a haven of insect life. In spite of the roaring traffic of the N24, there is tranquillity and balance returning to the site.  Nature is getting on with its business.

On the crisp frosty January morning that I visited the site, the magical winter scene felt as if it was frozen in time, the year could have been 1824 just as easily as 2024.  The sun slowly rising from the East brought an air of optimism with the predominate yellow and blue colours sparkling and reflecting from the frost covered vegetation,  the spectacle was evocative, joyful and stunningly beautiful.  I felt lucky to have been there.

The Woodland Coffee project has and continues to be a real success and has really captured the minds and hearts of our customers.  When you see the trees towering over your head, it is very evident how small choices and decisions manifest themselves into ideas and action that deliver real meaningful authentic change in a local Irish context.  For everybody who has been apart of this journey, thank you and for those who are not yet involved….please get in touch.  It would be great to have you on board!!

Below is a short (?) social media clip with some drone footage taken in March 2024 that might be of interest.