The motivation behind Woodland Coffee

Oct 16, 2020 | One small change

My 13 year old son was watching our web videos on Hearty laughing ensued after watching one video of me explaining the motivation behind our Woodland Coffee initiative.  The teenage cynic in him told me “Come on Dad, sure it’s about making money, is it not?” The more I tried to explain, the laughter and jeering got louder, teenagers are a tough audience!

So here goes again, we believe that with a bit of thought and effort we can make better quality choices that have a positive impact on our environment and biodiversity.  Nothing new there! But the next bit did require a bit more thought, how were we going to incorporate that idea into our business in order for it to resonate with our customers.

We have the choice of lowering the climate impact of our activities (which we are doing continually; another post for another day!), we looked at tree planting by others (via donation) or doing it ourselves.  We made the choice to do it ourselves as we felt that it is more transparent, tangible and ultimately more authentic.  More investment and more effort are required but ultimately more trees will be planted.

The output of Woodland coffee is that for every case of coffee purchased a tree will be planted in our woodland close to Pallasgreen in Co Limerick.  That tree will absorb approximately 1 tonne of carbon over its lifetime and enhance biodiversity attracting birdlife and providing a home for animals and insects.

What Woodland Coffee has sought to do is to create a simple correlation between your choice of coffee and linking that simple decision to tree planting in Co Limerick.  Woodland Coffee is a small choice today that delivers a lasting legacy for generations to come! Would you like to make a difference?

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