Biodiversity at Home

Oct 12, 2020 | Biodiversity, Sustainability

This cheeky girl crept up on me to see what I was doing on my phone and I was lucky (and quick enough) to get a snap of her.  The urban fox comes in for a hard time with some but I love that they form part of the tapestry of biodiversity in our urban landscape.  When the wheelie bin was introduced years ago I thought the fox was in for a hard time but not so.  They are resourceful and necessary predators that sit close to the apex of the food chain (unfortunately for foxes, the car is above them!).

A lot of nature documentary TV programmes identify the frightening loss of biodiversity from habitat destruction; be it from rain forest fires in Brazil or melting ice caps in the Artic. As someone who is keenly interested in the natural world, I find this constant, but necessary, message evokes a feeling of helplessness and distress. However we can’t lose sight of the fact that there is lots of small things that we can do right here at home in our gardens or when we’re out and about.  This idea is the inspiration behind our Woodland Coffee as we believe that every tree planted can make a positive difference in terms of carbon sequestration and enhancing biodiversity.

Now that we’re into October, bareroot tree planting will be getting underway for many from November to March.  Bareroot trees are small trees (30 – 60cm) that are sold without plant pots and can be planted directly into the soil when they are dormant during the winter months.  They are inexpensive (as lows as €1) and are easy to grow and for many varieties like hazel, hawthorn, holly and oak they can be easily cut back or coppiced.  What is really great about this type of planting is that they can suit a small space, most can compete in shade and they provide lots of food for birds and wildlife.

Like our Woodland Coffee, planting a bareroot tree is a small choice today that delivers a lasting legacy for generations to come! Would you like to make a difference?

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