Which Coffee Machine to Choose?

Oct 5, 2020 | Coffee Machines

This is a question we are often asked and there are many considerations; practical matters like who will be using the machine? How many cups of coffee a day are required?  Will the machine fit into my space? What is my budget?

Then there are the fuzzier personal considerations like, do I like the look of the machine? Will it suit my décor? Does the coffee machine brand matter to me?

But there is one consideration that should be answered before all of these and that is: what happens when I need to get the machine serviced and / or repaired next year and every year for the next 10 years.  Does the company you’re buying from have the in-house repair and service back up to deliver upon promises made when you’re paying the sales person for the coffee machine.  It’s worthwhile doing your due diligence on this before moving forward to the more fun stuff.

Traditional / Barista espresso machines or an Automatic Coffee Machine?

If you pride yourself on your latte art tulips and rosettes then your preference might possibly lie with a good quality barista coffee machine.  But say, you are buying for an office where lots of different people are using the coffee machine and are serving themselves; then an automatic coffee machine will be more suitable.  These two scenarios are fairly clear cut and once you establish your budget and how many coffees you need to make then the list of possibilities can be narrowed down easily.

Often the decision can be a little more complicated as expert barista’s move on or the business expands requiring more staff to use the coffee machine, take a busy restaurant which has lots of staff that need to use the coffee machine and consistency of flat white and cappuccino is the challenge.  Then coffee equipment like the LaCimbali M34 or M26 with an automatic Turbo Steam wand will deliver perfect milk consistency irrespective of who is using the espresso machine while also allowing the user to make multiple coffee orders much faster.  It’s a really elegant solution that delivers immediate tangible benefits.

Other less obvious but important considerations

Think about what times of the day you need to make the most coffee; does 80% happen at lunch or is it spread out across different times during the day?  The answer to this question will have a significant bearing on what you need.

How energy efficient is your coffee machine?  As a community we strive towards ‘net zero’ climate emissions, the energy usage from your coffee machine and how you use it comes into sharp focus.

Can your choice of coffee machine allow you to roster staff differently during less busy times by better use of automation while not foregoing the visuals of a barista coffee maker?

Is there an opportunity to cut down on milk and coffee wastage? Food waste is one of the great environmental scourges of our age and we need to take practical steps necessary to prevent it.  Your choice of coffee equipment and accessories can help you achieve this.  Incidentally, every euro saved from wastage falls to the bottom line!

The range of coffee equipment choice in the market in bamboozling but if you want to have a straight no bull chat with us, we are more than happy to go through the issues to help you come to a decision that suits you and your business.