Woodland Coffee Tree certificates on their way! 🙂

Oct 20, 2022 | News

Woodland Coffee is only 24 months old.  Launched during the frustrating dark Covid days of October 2020; the timing was nothing short of awful, but this choice of poor timing was overwhelmed by our impatience to get our lives moving again; this meant we couldn’t wait any longer to start talking about our fantastic initiative, Woodland Coffee.

It has been a great 12 months for Woodland Coffee; we planted 27,000 trees and more and more cafes and offices have chosen Woodland Coffee as their coffee of choice during the year.  Woodland Coffee has become our best-selling coffee and it continues to gain momentum.

The feedback that we receive from our café customers is that consumers are really into the taste of Woodland coffee and love the sustainability credentials of the brand.  The transparency and the fact that Woodland Coffee is action orientated makes Woodland Coffee authentic as the trees are planted in Co Limerick and can be seen by anyone who stops on the N24 in Limerick.  Woodland coffee is about action today, not a pledge or a promise of a future action. For the exact co-ordinates, see the map on our contact us web page.

A massive congratulations is due to all our customers (big and small) who have embraced the ethos of Woodland Coffee.  To this end we are in the process of sending out ‘Tree Certificates’ certifying the number of trees that each of our customers are credited with.    Each tree makes a difference, each cup of Woodland Coffee makes a difference, and we are thrilled that so many of you have decided to make ‘One Small Change’ with us.

Bualadh bos daoibh go léir!!!


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